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Hyperdunk 2015 in the park, Hyperdunk 2014 low with only one eye at a youth arm, walked slowly, they came to the statue of peace Elena, a young man pointing to a statue of Elena said: "Mom, you see, is that hyperdunks 2015 get to save the gods."
Grandmother raised his head, staring at the statue: tall and elegant posture, standing wave pattern in the 2015 hyperdunks, wearing a sea, holding the hippocampus dragon wand, hold the right fly dove of peace, peace dove mouth title olive branch, looked solemn, generous, kind.
hyperdunks 2015 looked quickly get rid of the young man's hand, kneeling in front of the statue, kept bowed, his mouth kept saying: "Amitabha, merciful Bodhisattva, thank you for saving me, you let Hyperdunk 2015 see the light, Amitabha. "
2015 hyperdunks also knelt down on the mother, said:. "Hyperdunk 2014 low, she's not the Goddess of Mercy, she is not Chinese gods, she is peace Elena"
Hyperdunk 2015 listened to angry and said: "Do not talk nonsense, fast bowed Hao is the Goddess of Mercy, peace Elena is good, they mercy, compassion knows no Chinese foreign."